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Whoever said ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’ sure knew what they were talking about!

perk. was given the privilege of picking out diamond earrings today for a client! Felt so honored to be a small part of this precious gift.

Need help getting a gift? Big or small, perk. does it all!!

Grocery shopping for two precious clients today. One in Odessa. One in Midland. We will see how they compare.
Cut out all the hustle and bustle by hiring perk. to do all your errands- like grocery shopping!

Need Watermelons? perk. can pick them up for you!

Pet Sitting

Dry cleaning pick-up.

Gift wrapping
A client of perk.’s got to mark this off her to-do list while we were able to get in the holiday mood. Nothing like glittery wrapping paper and Bing Crosby to bring out the Christmas spirit in you! Do you need help wrapping some Christmas gifts? Let perk. help you cross one more thing off your list!

perk. loves animals and will help out any way you need. Walking them, pet-sitting when you go out of town, or just checking in on them when you’re unable to.

Scanning and shredding. Shredding and scanning. Helping a client cross some “to-do’s” off their list! I’m just actually surprised I don’t have even one paper-cut….yet.

Any day is a good day when I get to go to Natural Grocers for a perk. client!

Taking this cutiepatootie to the groomers this morning for a client!