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Look at all of these fun things in these baskets.

Another man basket!

Wouldn’t you like to get something personalized for a gift?

Color really pops in this gift basket.

Even men enjoy the goodies in a gift basket!

Need a few baskets that speak to different people?

Need a basket for a friend?

A ‘Welcome Home’ basket for s first-time home buyers.

How fun is this Valentines basket for a little boy who is a TMNT fanatic? My favorite is the little piggy (turtle) bank!

This manly basket was for a car enthusiast from his wife for Valentines Day! Throw in some Nike golf shirts and action movies and you have one happy dude!

Valentine’s Day basket for a little boy who loves everything Legos and Star Wars!

Nothing says ‘Thank You for taking us to the winery’ quite like fresh flowers and good wine. Such a refreshing basket for a dear client!

This was such a quirky and fun basket to put together for a bowtie wearin’, blackjack playin’, ukulele strummin’ guy!

Hawaiian inspired basket.


Such a sweet basket for a darling girl who is all about Frozen and My Little Pony!

Loved putting together this ‘thank you’ basket for a realtor from one of my sweet clients. The realtor was so surprised and said that it made her day! Who do you need to say ‘thank you’, or show appreciation to, and how can perk. help?

There was a man who was going out of the country for a mission trip and wanted to give his wife a ‘MISS YOU’ basket. How sweet is that? His incredible thoughtfulness and planning ahead made it so his wife would know he was thinking about her even when they were millions miles apart. I felt so honored to be a part of this man showing his love how much he cared for her. Plus, a little chocolate, snuggle blanket and a good book always helps the lonely heart.

perk. loved putting together this ‘Thank You’ gift for a client. The recipient was a classy lady and so thrilled to have received this special present. How can perk. help you today?
‘We pick up where you leave off!’

An appreciation basket for a classy grandmother. She loves anything that smells, tastes, or feels yummy and divine. My kind of lady!

Indoor fun basket
Kid basket for two brothers. Lots of fun activities to do indoors while the weather is yuck. And of course had to throw a tiny vintage flair in there with some pickup sticks!

This “Welcome to Midland” basket was given by a realtor here in town, Pam Dodd. With rustic hues of grays and blues, this home decor gift matched the family’s home perfectly! My personal favorite is the vintage silverware platter!

This basket was to a busy bee mom who has a little sweet tooth. Her daughter was so appreciative of all she does to help her out, that she spoiled her with some of her favorite things: manicure, massage from Joe James, gift cards to Julian Gold and Wall Street, as well as Perrier water, fresh fruit, and beautiful fresh hydrangeas! Who do you want to show appreciation to? Let perk. help!

This basket is proof that even if you live hundreds of miles away, there is still an opportunity for you to give someone a uniquely personal basket. A thoughtful daughter wanted to do something special for her mother’s birthday, even though she lives in New Braunfels! perk. was so excited to help and the mother’s reaction to the surprise of the basket was priceless!

This simple basket will make some employee very happy! My favorite is the blue “eat” cookbook stand!

This wine and goodies gift basket made an excellent gift from a company to their biggest and best clients!

What a cute basket for a gluten-free cookin’, bath takin’, book readin’, fruity wine drinkin’, lovable lady! This bright sunshiny basket was given by a lady who was recently in the hospital. Her mother lives across Texas, and so her 2nd mother (MIL) stepped up and took care of her. What a beautiful story of selflessness!

A small “Thank You’ basket for a traveling enthusiast! What a sweet boss to get this for her!

Can you tell the recipient of this basket is a beer lover? From a very appreciative wife to her precious husband.

This Mickey-tastic basket is going to make some little dude very excited!

What little girl wouldn’t love this Minnie Valentine’s Day basket full of bubbles, snuggles and Sweettart hearts?

This basket was a surprise for a husband’s birthday! Full of work out gear, car stuff, movies, and some good smelling cologne, this wife definitely got some brownie points! My favorite part is the metal basket that looks like a car toolbox! How neat it was to be involved with such a thoughtful surprise!

This “family night” basket was made for a couple who just brought home their kids that they adopted. What a beautiful story of bringing forever families together! perk. was so honored to do this basket. You can’t go wrong with ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and Yahtzee!








Caffeine filled basket for the coffee enthusiast as a big ‘Thank You!’ from a local ministry to one of their longest supporters!

This basket was for a needlepointin’, pampering lovin’, New York travelin’, sassy and classy lady!

Such a lovely ‘Welcome to Midland’ basket to new home buyers! My favorite is the ‘home’ pillow!

Can you tell the recipient of this basket loved cars and hunting? My favorite part is the camo flask!

Dude! This basket was for a Madden playin’, country music singin’, Cowboys fan who spends the majority of the time working from his car.

Awe! This precious little Valentines basket was for a 1 year old girl. Sock monkeys are the best!

Super fun V-day basket for a little boy who loves ninja turtles, Avengers, and of course candy!

This basket, for a husband/wife duo that double as radio personalities for a local station here in Midland, was a hoot to put together! It’s always so fun, when you have two very different people, to see how the basket turns out. For Dana, we have Paydays, a Barn Door gift certificate, and reading material. For Mike, we have classic CocaCola, and some items dealing with WWII, his favorite subject! So thankful that I was asked to do this basket for the Children’s Miracle Network radio-a-thon!

This basket is for a sweet girl who loves yummy smelling lotions and journaling. She is totally going to rock that fedora!

This basket was for a lady who had surgery and will be spending time in the hospital. Her sweet friend wanted to make her stay a little easier by giving her some of her favorites! Lacey cookies, chapstick, Archipelago lotion, notepad from Noteable, word search books, and of course Butterfingers! Now that is one thoughtful friend!

This ‘Happy 10 Years Together’ basket was from a lovely wife to her husband. This hardworking man deserves some fancy new boots, and rugged smelling cologne. My favorite part was the handwritten notes that he is instructed to read at different times when he needs encouragement. The wife specifically requested the lotto tickets to let her husband know that she ‘won the lottery when she married him!’ How cute is that?! Happy Anniversary you two!

This basket may look super funky, but the story behind it is so sweet! The giver of the basket is mentoring a 15 year old girl who has wanted to get her learners permit, but had no way of paying for it. For this young girl’s birthday, not only did she surprise her with a ‘coupon’ for Drivers Education lessons, but also with a basket full of some of her favorite goodies: lip gloss, sour straws, an owl wallet for her new drivers license (eventually), and even a night out with her friends at Cinergy! I adore the mint shades so much that I almost bought myself a pair too! The way this lady completely showed devotion and thoughtfulness to this girl was touching!

A client, who lives in College Station, wanted to put together a special mommy & me basket for her friend who just had a baby. This new mom loves Cheesy snacks, celebrity magazines and is decorating her nursery in a hunting theme. My favorite part is the sweet lil’ cuddle lamb for her new precious bundle of joy. You don’t have to live in Midland to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Let perk. help you out!

This eclectic basket was just one gift that a husband surprised his wife with for her birthday. She loves potted plants, anything embroidery, and apple butter from Cracker Barrel. My favorite part was the live flowers she will get to enjoy this spring.

This basket was from a company to one of the beloved employees after she underwent surgery. The recipient is all about chocolate, lotion, chocolate, pedicures, and chocolate! Wouldn’t you like to work for that company?

What a sweet gift from Daddy to his daughter on her wedding day! He wanted to give the newlyweds a gentle reminder to keep Christ in the center of their marriage. This was also a semi-house warming gift as the couple recently purchased their first home. So many things to celebrate!

Sour worms, Toms, truffles, and a delicate necklace from Belle Bijou Designs!! Such a lovely way to say ‘I love you’ from a husband to his wife!

What a sweet basket from a daughter to her mother. This mother loves WillowTree figurines, cooking, and silver jewelry! I adore this Cross My Heart necklace from Anita Goudeau!

Now this right here is a MAN basket if I ever did see one! Whiskey, cigars, and jerky! That is one happy and satisfied dude! This ‘Thank You’ basket was to a friend who went over and beyond for a coworker at work while he was out of the office having a baby! What a great, selfless friend! Who can we help you say ‘Thank You’ to today?

Love doing baskets for my favorite realtor!! She gives them to her clients who close on their house! Talk about house-warming gift! This goody-filled basket was for a young couple who love to cook! My favorite is the ‘Home Sweet Home’ pillow and the fancy cooking utensils!

This was one of the most fun baskets to put together – mainly because I wanted one of everything! This basket was for a sweet new mama, and her friend wanted to pamper her a bit as she settled into motherhood. Lotions, comfy pants, and more goodies to help her find her zen, and catch some zzz’s. Who can you pamper today?

This basket was for a golf-playin’, Texas Longhorn cheerin’, coffee-drinkin’, Cowboys fan!

This awesome basket could only go to a golf-playin’, snack-eatin’, basketball lover! Such a fun experience to walk into a fancy bank to deliver this massive basket, and all the workers “ooing” and “awing” over it! I think the recipient felt so loved from his family on his birthday!

A basket to a mother from her thoughtful daughter. This mama loves wines, salad, and sassy jewelry.

This basket makes me thankful for teachers! A lifelong teacher who just moved to town started her ‘first’ day teaching math to junior high students. As far as I’m concerned, she deserves a gold medal just for that! Her sweet family wanted to ensure she have a wonderful first day. So, here is to you Mrs. Texas Tech-rootin’, Bath and Body Works smellin’, inspirational quotin’ teacher of the year!

This is one of the most random baskets I’ve ever done and I love it! A girl wanted to do something special and encouraging for her friend who just had major surgery. Maybe it was the drugs talking, but all she wanted was pickles and croutons – so of course we delivered – along with some other items specifically picked for her!

perk. was so honored to help with this basket that was for a lady who lost everything in a home fire. Her compassionate daughter knew how much she loved Christmas ornaments and so we started her a new collection. This Native American also needed things to make her new house feel more like home, so we tried to fix her up! My favorite part is the Bible that has her name engraved in it.

Baby baskets are my favorite to do! For a precious young mom in Oklahoma, from her friend here in Texas. Check out those tiny baby shoes! Precious!

Such a sweet ‘thinking of you’ pamper basket for a new momma! Have you tried the Archipelago Botanicals Morning Mint lotion? It is my absolute fave!

A ‘Thank You’ basket for a young mom and her three kids! A little something for everyone! Who can you show appreciation to today?

Yowzer! This basket was for a couple who is very serious about their BBQ and beer! They have a fabulous backyard and love to entertain! My favorite part of this basket is hidden in the back, but it’s a fabulous wooden tray that I’m sure they will get much use out of.

A thoughtful son wanted to do something unique and special for his mom for her birthday. The only catch is that he lives in Oregon! But, absolutely no worries because he called perk. to help! What we came up with was a basket completely suited to her tastes and hobbies, and best of all she adored it and felt her son’s love from all the way across the country!

This basket is as manly as its recipient! Moonshine, elk jerky, golf goodies, a Bear Grylis knife, and a set of new tires for his truck to top it all off! (Couldn’t really fit those in the basket!) This was one excited birthday boy. . . and his wife got major brownie points!!

A ‘Welcome Home’ basket for a new homeowner and her Frozen obsessed daughter!

For the beer enthusiast!

It was pretty cool for perk. to be a part of a 50th anniversary celebration basket! My favorite things are the champagne flutes that have their names engraved in them as well as the silver wine cork with ’50th’ on it!

A ‘You’re the very best in the history of forever’ basket for a renaissance man who continuously goes over and beyond for his community theatre. This basket from the Summer MuMmers Board was just a small token of their appreciation for everything this man does for them! Thanks guys for letting perk. help show him how much you adore him!

This basket was for a soon-to-be big brother who loves to read, eat gluten-free cookies, doggies, and anything with wheels!

This super festive basket that perk. made a client is for a dog-loving couple who is preparing for their upcoming wedding. This will be their first Christmas together. Hope there are many more to come!