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70’s Surprise Party

This party was a BLAST FROM THE PAST! The family of a husband and wife planned their 60th surprise birthday party that was heavily influenced by the 70’s! Everything from disco balls to 8-track tapes, this party had it all!

90th Birthday Party

This event was such an honor to be a part of. This special occasion was to celebrate a sweet man who has lived such a fullfilling life. He was surrounded by friends and family who adore him!

Mexican Fiesta Graduation

What a fun and colorful way to celebrate a graduation!

Easton’s 30th Birthday Party

This event was as spunky and fun as it was unique. It was an honor to celebrate this man with tons of friends and family! We had a “BANG” up time!

Holiday Shopping Extravaganza 2013

This event happily sponsored by perk. errands and events, LLC., was an absolute blast! With attendance soaring past last years event, we had an amazing night filled with stocking up on Christmas gifts, meeting new friends, supporting local businesses, and laughing till our sides hurt. Please take the time to check out each of these lovely businesses, and the amazing women that run them!